Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application and deposit have been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and that your application is currently under review. You will be notified within a 10-day period if you are accepted into your chosen program. Please keep in mind, applications are reviewed on a first come – first serve basis.

If accepted, a program welcome packet will be mailed to you. Because The Zuri Project oversees all travel arrangements, we will be working directly with all parents/guardians on a personal level to ensure that your child has a safe and rewarding African experience!

Can I participate if I’ve just graduated high school?

Of course! If you have just graduated from high school, you are still eligible to participate in our two summer programs – Madagascar & Tanzania / Zanzibar.

How many kids in each group? What about team leaders?

We take up to 10 kids per trip. Each trip is led by 2 team leaders. In 2018, all trips will be led by Zuri Founder, Jenn Hofmann, and Zuri’s Program Coordinator, Zavier Borja.

For our 2019/20 trips abroad, we will be adding additional trip leaders that will accompany either Jenn or Christine on all trips. Detailed information will be provided on each of our future trip leaders.

Where do students come from?

We accept applications from all over the United States. Because our point of departure is the Portland, OR International Airport, many of our applications come from Oregon, Idaho, California, Washington and Alaska.

If your teen/young adult is residing in a state further east, Zuri will arrange for your child to depart from an international airport of your choosing, and our Team Leaders will meet he/she at their arrival gate. Our team will then travel together to the program country destination. The connecting international airport to our Africa destinations is almost always Amsterdam.

Deposits & Refunds

For more detailed info, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

What about vaccinations?

The Zuri Project does not require any vaccinations in-order-to participate, other than an updated Tetanus booster. We follow the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for the overseas locations to which we travel. The decision to receive vaccinations and/or prophylaxis medication is an individual choice, which should be made in close consultation with a travel health specialist or your personal Physician.

Please Note: Malaria is present in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Mozambique. It is highly recommended that an anti-malaria medication be taken when traveling to these countries. Upon entry into Mozambique, proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is alsorequired.

Are cell phones and electronics allowed?

Other than digital /video cameras, Zuri does not allow cell phones and/or electronics of any kind. Cell phones will be collected at the airport upon departure and returned at the international airport of their chosen country. Unplugging from the outside world is essential when participating in our programs abroad. We know you can do it!

Your Team Leaders will each be carrying international cell phones, allowing for both parents and volunteers to contact one another in the event of an emergency etc.

Will my child be met at the airport?

All volunteers will be met at the Portland, OR International Airport, where the entire group will fly to/from their designated country together.

For participants departing from other airports stateside, a team leader will meet your child at their arrival gate (almost always Amsterdam) then join the rest of the group and depart for their program destination.

Who makes all the travel arrangements?

To ensure that all our travel programs operate in a safe and orderly manner, Zuri makes all travel arrangements for our volunteers. This includes international air travel.

In addition, parents will receive a travel information packet with a list of all accommodation/hotels, travel and destination dates while in-country, plane reservations, emergency contact numbers etc., to ensure that parents can reach their child at any time and know their whereabouts at-all-times.

Does The Zuri Project offer financial aid?

Yes! The Zuri Project offers scholarships for those that meet the application criteria.  Find out more here.

What happens if the trip is full?

Once a trip fills up, you will automatically be included for any future trips of your choosing. You will not need to fill out another application form/deposit. If you chose to not pursue a future trip, your deposit will be returned in full within 30 days.


Our number one priority is the physical and emotional safety of our kids. Your trip leader, Founder Jenn Hofmann, has over 25 years of experience with taking volunteers to Africa, ensuring that any illness and/or physical injuries are treated promptly with the best medical attention available within all four countries.

All participants are required to have international medical insurance, which includes immediate medical evacuation via air and/or ground ambulance service. The Zuri Project works with World Nomads and their  international medical insurance program. World Nomads trip insurance covers Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Seychelles and Madagascar. Please refer to their website, for additional information.

In the event of an extended hospital stay, a trip leader will stay behind, ensuring that they will remain with your child 24/7. The trip leader will be in constant contact with the parents and will be responsible for all international travel arrangements for the parents if needed.

It is important to note that the final medical bill must be paid in full before the patient can be released from any medical facility in Africa.