Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Since 1997, the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) has been working to empower the local communities and provide them with the tools they need to protect our endangered species.


OUR MISSION – To enable communities to balance ecosystem protection and economic development by pioneering a model for sustainable conservation. We are a non-government organization committed to developing a sustainable model for wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka. Our focus is on helping people, elephants and other wildlife co-exist peacefully.

We are highly committed to developing practical solutions that mitigate wildlife-human conflict, environmental damage, climate change, and biodiversity loss, and that address sustainable livelihoods, land use, and rural poverty issues. All of these issues are intertwined and must be addressed simultaneously to achieve lasting and meaningful conservation.

To learn more about SLWCS and the New Life Elephant Sanctuary please and/or contact the Executive Director, Ravi Corea, at